Empower & Grow

A transformational approach to life and career coaching, blending hypnotherapy, regression therapy, sound healing, reiki and essential oils with practical coaching techniques to help you live the life you love. 

Do you find yourself thinking...

  • I've achieved so much in my life and my career so why don't I feel fulfilled? 
  • I feel like I'm constantly spinning many plates and I feel exhausted.
  • How can I have more freedom, energy and harmony in my life?
  • How can I be a positive example to others when I feel so unsettled personally?
  • I feel like there must be more to life but I don't know where to go next. 
Here for you
I'm Lynda, the face behind Empower & Grow. I help ambitious women like you who want to make a positive impact on the world choose a life on their own terms. Together, we overcome any blocks that are holding you back from making this a reality and identify the tools you need to confidently navigate this new approach to living – a balanced life full of inspired action, self love and joy.

My wellness offering


Take a step back from your life,  enquire, observe and make inspired choices with   1-to-1 coaching sessions


Release unhelpful beliefs, and alter your thoughts and beliefs for the better with tailored hypnotherapy sessions


Transform unresolved emotional, mental and physical challenges and live a life of your choosing


Learn about the emotional, mental and physical properties of essential oils and how you can integrate them into your daily wellbeing practices.

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