“What your mind can conceive, you can believe and then achieve”. Napoleon Hill

How freeing would it be to decide to release unhelpful beliefs, to alter our thoughts and actions for the better?  
How empowering to be able to make those choices and change your life for the better.  To create new healthy habits.
That's what hypnotherapy services with Empower & Grow can provide.

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Through deep listening and questioning, I can help you understand the situations that trigger the challenge you wish to overcome.

Thoughts and Feelings

You'll get an understanding of how powerful your thoughts are and where you feel it in your body.  Together, we rewrite the new empowering thoughts and feelings you wish to have.


I help you achieve the new outcomes you desire by creating a personalised hypnotic script and facilitating the experience. Leading to a new empowered you.

what to expect


The journey

Hypnotherapy allows us to tap into the unconscious mind where many of our thoughts, beliefs and fears sit.  Many of the decisions we make day by day are driven by these narratives we unconsciously chose some time ago.  A lot came from early childhood and since then, most of which we weren’t even aware we were ‘adopting’ for ourselves.  These beliefs are like grooves in a path that get deeper the more we walk it.  Every time you have a thought or complete an action that aligns to that belief it is reinforced in your unconscious mind and the grooves get deeper.  Over time, this can lead to automatic thoughts and actions.   These thoughts and actions can impact on our everyday experience of life and not always in our best interests, such as unhealthy habits or negative self talk.

I am committed to helping you achieve your goals.  Whilst hypnotherapy has countless applications, typical challenges my clients face include:

  • Overcoming fears, anxiety and procrastination
  • Removing unhealthy habits and addictions
  • Developing your confidence in many ways, for example with public speaking
  • Improving your quality of sleep and relaxation time
  • Helping with the grief process

How it happens

In our initial consultation, we chat about the challenges you are facing, what the triggers are and which thoughts, feelings and behaviours arise.  Often, we can see that a challenge in one area of your life may be impacting on another.  At times, we can pick up patterns and dependencies.

I pride myself on taking the time to truly listen to my clients and really understand their challenges and aspirations.  Together, we prioritise how we will approach working together.  For example, if you are suffering from insomnia and there are underlying anxiety challenges, then this could lead to us choosing to work on the anxiety first.  In all cases, I work very sensitively with your  needs whether it is one of healing, personal growth or journey through both.

Before our 1st hypnosis session, I set about selecting the tools and techniques to give you the best chance of a successful outcome.  All my clients appreciate the highly personalised experience I provide.   Whilst in the safety of hypnotic trance, I take you on a journey based on the information gained from our conversations.  Generally, clients find this a deeply relaxing experience and feel refreshed afterwards.

We have a short chat afterwards and I ensure that you are grounded before you return to the normality of your day and to talk through your experience.  Where relevant, I will give some tools to be used between sessions.  

Packages start at £195 dependent on your needs. The initial consultation lasts 1hr15 mins and then appointments of 50mins after that.

My sessions can be held via zoom, allowing you to remain in the comfort of your home.  I also offer in person sessions at my wellbeing space in Marlborough, which is surrounded by beautiful Wiltshire countryside, adding to your experience.

Want to find out more?

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