Imagine a situation where you can say absolutely anything and feel fully heard and not judged.  Where you have space and time to process your thoughts and emotions. Where you could envision what’s possible for your life and career. Where you can think outside the confines of your busy daily routine. 
That's what life and career coaching with Empower & Grow can provide. 

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Through deep listening and questioning, I can help you get more in touch with what's  going on below the surface.


You'll uncover what motivates you, what you really desire in life and what might be holding you back.

Your future

I help you create the new terms you'd like to live by and discover just how you can make this happen. A new empowered you.

what to expect


The journey

I create the conditions that allow for growth by asking powerful questions – helping you unravel situations, thoughts, feelings and actions.  Through deep listening and questioning, I help you get more in contact with what's really going on below the surface. You'll feel shifts in your awareness and have aha moments. Coaching is truly transformational and the best part of all is that the magic comes from within you. 

Benefits of coaching 

  • Become more aware of what matters most to you in life (your values)
  • Discover what motivates and inspires you both in work and life
  • Help you to make decisions in life such as in your career direction
  • Understand what it means and how to live a life on your terms 
  • Experience more fulfilment in life and strength in difficult times
  • Develop a plan with realistic goals that you are confident to progress
  • Integrate manageable self-care practices into your life
  • Improved relationships

We can also look at what's holding you back from living your full potential and the resources you have to work through whatever challenges life may send your way. You'll be able to take a step back from your life, be the observer and make inspired decisions.  You'll come to recognise triggers that lead to the challenges you face and identify techniques and solutions to take away with you. You're in the driving seat and I'm here to help guide your journey of personal growth.

How it happens

After an initial discovery call where we get to know one another and talk about your needs, I create a bespoke programme of support which I take you through.  I don't typically recommend packages of coaching less than 6 sessions – this helps guarantee long term, lasting results.

Packages start at £495 dependent on your needs. You'll typically benefit from more than just coaching with my packages.

My sessions can be held via zoom, allowing you to remain in the comfort of your home.  I also offer walking coaching sessions in Savernake Forest or at my wellbeing space in Marlborough.

Want to find out more?

If you'd like to learn more about how you can benefit from coaching, book a FREE discovery call with me. Follow the link below, complete the form and I'll get in touch to arrange our call.

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