Have you been living with uncomfortable emotions, mental dialogue or physical challenges that you just cannot seem to shift?  Perhaps you have tried other conventional or alternative tools and techniques and yet it continues to affect you.  Are you ready to release and transform your unresolved pain or patterns?

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Journey to the source of your challenge and gain an enhanced perspective


Let go of the hold that past events have had over you


Make new empowered choices and bring new strengths and qualities in to support your life

what to expect


The journey

Regression therapy is a deeply powerful approach that can help you to resolve emotional, mental and physical challenges.  They may have been affecting you for months, years or perhaps your whole life and you are aware that they are getting in the way of you living a life of your choosing.

Benefits of Regression Therapy 

Some of the challenges that I have helped my clients to resolve include:
  • A range of fears or phobias, including public speaking, open waters and sharks
  • Lacking confidence, fear of rejection, feeling unworthy or unlovable
  • Relationship challenges including intimacy issues
  • Deep feelings of guilt, sadness, anger and shame that either have no explanation or they appear to be irrationally intense
  • Unexplained physical symptoms that have been accessed medically but appear to have no known cause
Regression therapy is an extremely healing and empowering tool.  Not only do you gain an awareness of when your challenge(s) started but you are also able to make transformations very quickly.   Together, we monitor your symptoms from when we first speak through our journey until you are satisfied that they have been fully resolved.  Clients usually feel significant shifts after their first session and also feel confident in continuing in their own healing and growth between sessions.  I make it a priority to support you in this way, offering tools and practices to use between sessions.

By accessing both the conscious and unconscious mind, we are able to uncover the most significant events that have led to your current challenge.  Through the techniques that I use, I am able to help you to reach memories that your conscious mind cannot easily access.  You embody these memories in a loving and supported way so that you can fully release the energetic charge that your body, mind and energy system has been holding onto.  This can involve body therapy, inner child healing, energy release techniques, colour therapy and sound healing.  I work intuitively based on the experience that you are going through to help you make the shifts in a way that feels good to you.

How it happens

We start with an initial consultation either online or in person.  During this meeting, we unravel your current challenges and decide on your intention for healing and transformation.   Every client is unique and my aim is to adapt to your needs.  Following this consultation, I create a treatment plan which of course we can adapt as sessions happen.  It helps you to have a general outline and understanding of how I can help you to achieve your goals.  

During the sessions, you are in a light level of hypnosis.  You are aware of both the current and past moments.  You travel back in time to key events that have both triggered and compounded the challenge you are currently experiencing.  In your mind’s eye, you can see, sense or experience what is happening in a way that is perfect for you.  You will typically be able to feel into your body as you arrive at each key event.  Clients experience the emotions and scenes around them as if it were happening in that moment.  You are able to talk with me and vice versa.  I guide you through the experience to help you to gain awareness, take new perspectives and make new empowered choices.  This is one of the main reasons why regression therapy is so transformational.  It is in making these shifts where the challenge originated, that you can free yourself from the uncomfortable emotions, thoughts or physical sensations affecting you in your current and future moments.  You are then able to vision the future of your choosing and start to live it.

For some people, when we go to the source of a challenge, it takes them to another life and at times clients visit multiple lives to understand the patterns they have been repeating and make the shifts along the way.  This is the past life element that I offer.  I am fully qualified to deliver and support this experience along with making connections and positive transformation to current life.  This is the main reason for journeying beyond this lifetime.  I also use this approach to help clients to embody and access the emotions, strengths or qualities that they feel they are lacking in this current life so they can learn from those experiences and bring that supportive energy back into current life experience.  I refer to this as a positive past life journey.  These, I also offer as standalone experiences along with group positive past life journey experiences.

In short, I work with you to reduce or eliminate emotional, mental or physical unresolved issues that are affecting you in your current life.  Freeing you of their weight and helping you to live a life of your choosing and one that brings you more joy.

As part of your healing journey, I also incorporate coaching, essential oils and other tools to support you as you move toward becoming a person free from the challenges which affect you today.

Here's what a recent client had to say
"Immediately I felt safe trusting Lynda 100%, which for me isn’t easy, but she made it feel easy. Lynda is also extremely intuitive and she was able to connect and communicate with me in a way that really resonated. I always felt understood by Lynda.  She is extremely hard working, very thorough and the effort she puts into working with her clients is second to none. She’s gentle yet powerful, and in just a few sessions I was able to unlock some very deep rooted emotions, the triggers for them and she helped me work out what techniques I could use to keep moving forward in the future.  Without a doubt I would recommend Lynda to anyone considering her services.Thank you Lynda, our sessions always bring a smile to my face and a feeling of warmth." Lesley, UK Coach 

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