Resonance Retreat

St Nectan's Glen, Cornwall
Only 1 space remains

Saturday 13th - Wednesday 17th July 2024

Can you feel the beat of your soul, the strum of your heart and the rhythm of your cycles and the land you walk upon?  Would you like to connect more easily and deeply with that which you resonate?  Imagine a reality where you could commune with people, animals and nature both with and without words -  sensing, feeling, seeing and hearing with all parts of you – your ears, heart, eyes, fingers.  How vibrant and richer might that be?  And what if you could choose when and what you tune into?  Perhaps life may feel less overwhelming at times and more in harmony and flow?  How freeing could this be for you?  This all starts with going within to tune into your own frequency and internal compass so that you can choose everyday to live a life that feels aligned.  An intentional life of inspired action and joy.

“Every day, you have a choice to be your authentic self and to live an authentic life.” 

Journey with us into the natural paradise that is St Nectan’s Glen.  Sleep in the purpose built retreat cabins above the tree canopy wakening to the symphony of birdsong and trickling of the streams, the sweet smell of the mosses and flowers, the humming of the bees, the luminescence of dragonflies.  Bathe in the mystical waters at the mouth of the waterfall, stroll amongst the walkways lined with ancient oaks and discover new ways of connecting with nature. The nature within and the nature outside of us.
   Let’s explore the elements together
      Surrender to the love of the Mother and her heartbeat.  Connect with your roots, the essence of who you are and the connectivity of all life
      Harness its innate power and deepen into flow in all areas of your life.  Journey inward and connect with your well of wisdom within.
      Move with the winds of change, dance with the faeries and lean into who you are here to be and how you’d like to communicate that with the world.
      Rise in love with who you are and how you connect with the world around you and within you.  Shed and transmute any old beliefs, stories or other energy standing in the way of you living your most radiant life

  The Offering

     Here are a few of the ways which we will support you during your time with us
     - Daily meditations and circles – including silent and guided visualisations, walking and sound meditations 
     - Physical – sacred dance, teaching self-massage techniques, exploring the ancient trails and coast
     - Creation – Curating personal essential oil blends, nature art, journaling/creative writing, harnessing sound as a tool
     - Energy management – creating and managing loving boundaries, learning new energetic practices for yourself, your family, home and potentially business
     - Animal and nature communication - tree / elemental connection including animal healing, spirit animal healing, sound and regression journeys
     - Sacred journeys – Fire, water and cacao ceremonies - with drumming, dancing and song
     - Delicious locally sourced wholesome foods, treats and refreshments
     - Sisterhood – creating connections with other resonant women
     Go home feeling lighter, brighter and in the vibration – sending ripples into your home and hearth.

What is included?

  • 5 days and 4 nights accommodation in cosy and comfortable shared room in retreat cabins overlooking the Glen 
  • All meals, refreshments and treats included with vegetarian menu
  • Heart-led programme with 2-3 sessions per day and allocated free time to make it your own
  • Preparation and follow up group online video calls to support easeful connection, practical planning and integration of transformation into everyday life
  • Private access to the magical waterfalls outside of public visiting hours
  • Access to the private zen garden and cabin for relaxation, journaling and meditation
  • Personalised gift to anchor in your journey on return home
  • Step in the magic of Merlin’s cave (weather permitting) including water meditation and free time in Tintagel to visit local sights such as Tintagel castle/King Arthur’s Halls or simply stroll amongst the local makers shops or relax by the sea
  1. You will receive 2 potent recordings.  Firstly, a journey of the elements guided meditation recording connecting you to the energy of St Nectan's Glen and a recording of a group past life regression journey recording embodying the energy of living in alignment with the natural world.  These bonuses are valued at £55
  2. We are also providing 2 retreat group online gatherings in advance of the retreat.  These will both offer practical support whilst providing an opportunity for the energy of the group to connect.  All of this helps us to arrive feeling so wonderfully held and nourished
Your Sacred Investment £1555 

2 Part Payment plan
£299 deposit to secure your place payable by the Tickettailor link below with £1256 balance due by 30th June paid by BACS (UK residents) or Stripe (non UK residents) 

Curious and would like to find out more? 

Hattie and I have created a meditation recording.  An opportunity to tune into the energy of RESONANCE and what we are offering

Why watch?
  • To feel the energy of both myself and Hattie who will be curating this journey with you.
  • To experience some of the magic including the awe inspiring nature, beautiful connection opportunities, sisterhood, love, joy and much more.
The Offering
  • We will take you on a guided meditation to connect with the land of St Nectan’s Glen, the waterways, the magical beings, the energy of the retreat and how that feels within yourself.  
Your heart will tell you if this is the retreat for you in 2024 

If you’d like to watch this recording, you can request a copy to be sent to you using the button below.  We are happy to organise a call with you afterwards if you some questions or would like to find out more.


Lynda Gillingham

I’m a compassionate, intuitive and highly experienced coach and complementary therapist who can help you discover the deeply buried version of yourself you know to be true.

I’m Lynda Gillingham, and I predominantly help women (although I also work with men) to feel a deep sense of connection, empowerment and transformation in their lives. I’ve been called a Soul Midwife for the living!
Whether your children have flown the nest, you are experiencing corporate burnout, or you have an inexplicable and overwhelming desire to re-evaluate your life or find your true purpose, I can help.

How do I do that? By tuning in and working intuitively with you to support your needs.  Drawing from my experience in career and transformational life coaching, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, between lives spiritual regression, energy management, inner child healing, reiki, sound healing, spiritual aromatherapy and akashic records reading, I weave in the best modalities to give you the best results.  I simply love gathering women together for collective healing and transformation as well as offering personalised services for individuals.  My retreats offer a beautiful blend of all of the above.. 

Much like a butterfly opening its wings in transformation, I will help you to shift your current reality, emerge majestically into the world and live a joyous, empowered and fully connected life.

Hattie Northeast

Hattie is an intuitive Animal Communicator and Reiki Master whose soul purpose is to serve our wonderful Animal Kingdom. Attuned to Egyptian Sekhem healing and Karuna Reiki, Hattie is able to offer a deep level of healing to all species (humans included!) helping us to reach clarity on a heartfelt level.  She is wildly in tune with the animal world and serves as a bridge between animals and humans.  With her teaching and empathy, she helps others to connect with the message from their animal friends.  All of this helping humanity to resonate more harmoniously by giving voice to what we may otherwise not be aware of.  

In retreats, she facilitates both healing, growth and empowerment by helping you to connect more closely with your radiant spirit and the world around you.  

‘I am beyond grateful to share this ancient skill, connecting us to our animals and realigning us humans back to our roots and natural world.’

A few words from recent participants of an animal communication retreat day

"Having just completed her “An Introductory to Animal Communication” at the Henge Shop at Avebury, I can tell you, what a wonderful and interesting day it truly was. Hattie has such a beautiful, inspiring way, her confidence, experience and delivery is to behold. Thank you Hattie, I’m so looking forward to the next parts. ."
Paul, UK
"My experience at this animal communication day was really inspiring! It was lovely to meet other like minded people and to try out a new way of communicating with animals. I always spoke with mine but never realised that I could also speak with “non” pets!  Hattie guided the day with positive energy and patience!  I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning to talk with animals to attend one of her workshops! ."
Vanessa, UK

Here's what a recent retreat guest at St Nectan's Glen had to say

"I have received some of my most transformative healing sessions from Lynda now these past months. Retreats, sound healing, inner child work, past life regression work.  Her pure being and presence brings healing to any room she enters.
Lynda has an incredibly intuitive sense for what is really going on in the deepest of our souls and she creates such a safe space to open up and release or receive whatever gifts we carry inside of us that is ready to be seen". 

Gro, Norway

Join us for this Journey of Resonance

We are so excited to offer this heart-led retreat in this most beautiful and magical setting

St Nectan’s Glen has a serenity about it that can lead to deep introspection and healing. It is also a place of fun and joy especially when you’re dancing in the crystal clear waters of the falls or simply walking through the lovely gardens and trails.  You will feel the energy shifts as you leave the everyday world behind and enter a place of myth, magic and power.

If you are ready to take the leap and book your place, your deposit can be paid via the link below. This will secure your place and then further payment instructions will be emailed to you.   We'd also be delighted to arrange a free discovery call for anyone with questions.

With love, Lynda & Hattie xx